Blokes’ Bible Study & Fellowship: Bible@thepub:

Dear Gentlemen, In the spirit of camaraderie and shared beliefs, we invite you to join us in Bible@thepub: A Blokes’ Bible Study & Fellowship. A unique blend of faith and fellowship, hosted at the local pub. This unconventional setting provides us with a wonderful opportunity to come together, share our spiritual journeys, and strengthen the bonds that tie us as brothers in faith.

🍻 Join Us for Men’s Church Fellowship at the Pub 🙏

Second or third Tuesday of the month
Time: 7 pm
Location: The Junction Hotel in Hall Street,

Enquiries to Rick Hunt—0419 116 312

At the intersection of faith and friendship, our gathering aims to create a safe space for open discussions and genuine connections. As we gather around tables, raising glasses of both refreshment and reverence, we’ll explore the teachings that inspire us and the challenges that shape us.

At Bible@thepub: A blokes’ Bible Study & Fellowship there are shared stories, personal anecdotes, and reflections, we’ll uncover the hidden reserves of courage that lie within us. We draw strength from our faith to face the storms that life throws our way.

Don’t miss this opportunity to:

🙏 Engage in meaningful conversations about faith and life with other men
🤝 Forge deeper connections with fellow brothers on the journey.
🎉 Share laughter, stories, and experiences in a relaxed setting.

Whether you’re a longtime member of the congregation or someone seeking a welcoming community, you’re warmly invited to join us. Bring along your experiences, your questions, and your open heart.

To ensure we have enough space reserved for everyone, please contact Rick Hunt—0419 116 312 to confirm your attendance or ask questions and seek any additional information you may need.

Let’s come together to celebrate faith, fellowship, and the unique bonds that unite us as brothers. See you at the pub!

God bless



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