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About Newport Baptist Church Services

Services at Newport are usually about 60 minutes long.

We usually have morning tea after most services and once a month we have lunchEveryone is welcome to attend.

When you first arrive you may hear the band practicing or music playing in the background. People will be talking and greeting each other.

A few minutes before the service starts there will be a gentle countdown on the overhead screens. Giving everybody a moment to prepare in whatever way they prefer.

We begin the service with the musicians leading the church in singing. Song lyrics are projected onto the overhead screens so, if you feel comfortable, you can join in.

There will be prayer, announcements, a short, often interactive children’s message and more singing, the pastor’s message of encouragement and hope, a closing song or two and prayer. Not necessarily in that order.

Prayers will be for each other, our community, our government and other relevant events.

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