Enhance the Kingdom of God: A Call to Community and Mission

How do you see God using you within the place where you live?   Do you know your neighbour and seek to bless them? How do you Enhance the Kingdom of God?

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations… Matthew 28:19

The mission of God moves beyond the walls of the church. To reach those who don’t yet know the message of hope that Jesus provides.

The Great Commission serves as a guiding principle for Christians worldwide. But what does it mean to fulfil this commission in the context of our everyday lives. Particularly within the places where we live? How do we truly become people through which God can work to enhance His Kingdom on earth? These questions invite us to explore the significance of knowing our neighbours, seeking to bless them, and being the living expression of God’s love within our communities.

Knowing Your Neighbor

It is easy to live next door to someone for years without ever truly knowing them. Yet, Jesus called us to love our neighbours as ourselves. This commandment encourages us to build relationships with those who share our community and care.

Getting to know your neighbours means more than just exchanging pleasantries or borrowing a cup of sugar. It means taking the time to listen to their stories, concerns, and joys. It involves understanding their needs, challenges, and dreams. This simple act of engagement lays the foundation for building trust and demonstrating Christ’s love through our actions.

Seeking to Bless Others

One of the most beautiful ways to enhance the Kingdom of God in your local context is by actively seeking opportunities to bless others. It’s not about grand gestures but rather the small, everyday acts of kindness that can make a significant impact. Jesus himself modelled this through his acts of healing, feeding the hungry, and offering forgiveness to the repentant.

Enhancing the Kingdom of God requires us to be conduits of God’s grace and love. It means going the extra mile to help a neighbour in need, offering a listening ear to someone going through a tough time or sharing a meal with someone who may be lonely. These acts of kindness can be the seeds that lead others to a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace.

Enhancing the Kingdom of God involves

Community Engagement:

There is power in the community. Actively participating in local initiatives, collaborating with other community organizations, and seeking to address the pressing needs of our neighbours, is creating an environment where people can experience the love of Christ through our actions.

Global Outreach

While our commitment to enhancing the Kingdom of God begins at home, it doesn’t end there. Global missions, sponsoring humanitarian projects, and spreading the message of hope to nations near and far. Both in terms of financial support and personal involvement. These activities are also part of the commission.

The Call To Enhance The Kingdom of God, Increasingly Significant

In a world filled with division and uncertainty, the call to enhance the Kingdom of God becomes increasingly significant. Jesus’s Great Commission challenges us to be more than passive believers; it urges us to be agents of change and love within our communities. Knowing our neighbours, seeking to bless them, and actively participating in missions both locally and globally are vital steps in fulfilling this commission.

As we reflect on Matthew 28:19 and the mission of God, let us remember that our role extends beyond attending church services. It involves being the hands and feet of Christ in our neighbourhoods, workplaces, and the wider world. Through these acts of love and service, we can truly enhance the Kingdom of God, sharing the message of hope and salvation with a world in need.


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